Merche, Carlos Carbonell y la familia Villar, protagonistas del viernes

Carlos Carbonell

Hoy viernes, 30 de noviembre, a las 21 horas, en el Gran Teatro Falla prosigue la programación de la temporada del último trimestre del año del Bicentenario, organizada por la Delegación Municipal de Cultura del Ayuntamiento de Cádiz, con la actuación de Merche quien presenta su último trabajo ‘Un mundo de colores’.

También hoy viernes, 30 de noviembre, a las 21 horas, en la Sala Central Lechera continúa la programación de la temporada del último trimestre del año del Bicentenario, organizada por la Delegación Municipal de Cultura del Ayuntamiento de Cádiz, con la actuación de Carlos Carbonell y el espectáculo ‘8 códigos’. 8 tendencias desde un mismo prisma, 8 formas de concebir el flamenco, diferentes creadores: Marcos Flores, Olga Pericet, Javier Latorre, Chano Cruz y el mismo Carlos Carbonell se unen desde la libertad de expresión para la creación de este espectáculo interpretado por este artista que estará acompañado de la joven gaditana María Moreno.

Y por último, también hoy viernes, 30 de noviembre, a las 21 horas, en el Centro de Arte Flamenco La Merced y dentro de la programación de la temporada del último trimestre del año del Bicentenario, tendrá lugar el espectáculo ‘Mi hijo y yo’ de Susy Gómez quien estará acompañada al baile por Juan José Villar, al cante por Juan Villar hijo y Pilar Villar, y al toque por El Pelu y Manuel Urbina. Se trata de un acto organizado por la Fundación Chano Lobato.


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astic. Circumstances produced with polycarbonate is often clear or colored. Regrettably, this material tends to scratch effortlessly so be sure you don't use this situation in hard environments.

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around the globe (illustration T-Mobile). Additionally simply because the apple iphone Manufacturer Uncover is actually a lasting answer, you will never ever eliminate your existing unlock rank, it doesn't matter how often occasions you bring as much as date, jailbreak as well as reestablish your current apple iphone. There is no comp [url=]iphone 5s for sale[/url]
ltaneously, and switch effortlessly involving them with no retarding the phones efficiency on foreground apps-- or prematurely depleting the battery. Considering that there is also an app keep with a great number of applications(a lot of them free of charge) you'll in no way suffer an idle minute with iPhone 4.
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d in the morning. It accepts any iPod or iPhone into its dock, has couple of two.75-inch speakers and touch-sensitive controls.
re your cash has gone, you may work out in which you will need to reduce your regular monthly spend along with the areas you can afford to invest slightly much more. There are a number of applications accessible in the Apple online keep and you also might be asking on your own, which one particular will be ideal for me? To help with this quest
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h is especially needed when you will be driving. Use of wireless Bluetooth headsets helps you get rid in the fusses of inapt cables and knotty wires. By using a Bluetooth headset, it is possible to relish driving safely and communicating conveniently in your iPhone.
ial charges of repairs. It could possibly price about $200 to have Apple fix your display whilst a substitute iPhone can value as much as $500. Once you do the math, you understand that the restore costs are a lot far more acceptable than acquiring a brand new gadget.

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