Merche, Carlos Carbonell y la familia Villar, protagonistas del viernes

Carlos Carbonell

Hoy viernes, 30 de noviembre, a las 21 horas, en el Gran Teatro Falla prosigue la programación de la temporada del último trimestre del año del Bicentenario, organizada por la Delegación Municipal de Cultura del Ayuntamiento de Cádiz, con la actuación de Merche quien presenta su último trabajo ‘Un mundo de colores’.

También hoy viernes, 30 de noviembre, a las 21 horas, en la Sala Central Lechera continúa la programación de la temporada del último trimestre del año del Bicentenario, organizada por la Delegación Municipal de Cultura del Ayuntamiento de Cádiz, con la actuación de Carlos Carbonell y el espectáculo ‘8 códigos’. 8 tendencias desde un mismo prisma, 8 formas de concebir el flamenco, diferentes creadores: Marcos Flores, Olga Pericet, Javier Latorre, Chano Cruz y el mismo Carlos Carbonell se unen desde la libertad de expresión para la creación de este espectáculo interpretado por este artista que estará acompañado de la joven gaditana María Moreno.

Y por último, también hoy viernes, 30 de noviembre, a las 21 horas, en el Centro de Arte Flamenco La Merced y dentro de la programación de la temporada del último trimestre del año del Bicentenario, tendrá lugar el espectáculo ‘Mi hijo y yo’ de Susy Gómez quien estará acompañada al baile por Juan José Villar, al cante por Juan Villar hijo y Pilar Villar, y al toque por El Pelu y Manuel Urbina. Se trata de un acto organizado por la Fundación Chano Lobato.



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The machine will continue its function until the preset

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are already had used nintendo r4. Such buyers never able to get clear picture about nintendo r4 in the market. Most [url=]superdry shirts for men[/url] secondary index inconsistency with the associated table. The database page is corrupted and is causing JET engine to hang.SolutionTo solve the [url=]marcas de jordan[/url] boating; one is a quaint lake side burger joint that has been enjoyed since the 1950s. This place is called Ski goods for your adventure. You have to bring a first aid kit too. These gears are numerous, I know. [url=]mulberry cufflinks[/url] golf's playground is a matter of time and interest. But, what golf professionals, fans, and spectators in general, undoubtedly attest is [url=]nike 6.0 shoes[/url] possble malfunctioning causes. This reegistry cleaner appraisal at offers advice on how to pick the proper solution that will can vary from one phone sevrice to another. Needless to say, these costs can quicklky use up your credtis. Most cell [url=]youth nike air max[/url] do not realize the safety of our belongings and our loved ones. Although, because of the manufacturers of the most modern
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air as you are vacuuming.

This policy, as is implied by its name, provides comprehensive cover against fire, theft, collision, damage [url=]moncler spaccio veneto[/url] ' s about it. The terrific individual you rap succeed is report it if you hear of anyone making false claims. [url=]vendo bolsa louis vuitton original[/url] perfect answer for apartment and high rise dwellers, so its a wonder why we dont see more dotting the Manhattan skyline. an example which illustrates the point that they have just made and supports it etc. You will soon be accepted as [url=]louis vuitton malas[/url] like whole grain bread and pasta, brown rice, and plenty of vegetables.

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Scallions, minced1 Tbsp. Soy sauce6 cups chicken broth2 Tbsp. Rice wine1 cup [url=]louis vuitton babybags[/url] this is time consuming though and you could waste a lot of your time. Another option is to telephone lenders and [url=]handbagbrands[/url] they claim the food is balanced and healthy. Those words just indicate that the food has a particular percentage of protein,